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Parca and Parca Agent as snap services


You can configure both services quickly with a simple cloud-init file:

- [install, parca]
- [install, parca-agent, --classic]
- [set, parca-agent, remote-store-insecure=true]
- [set, parca-agent, remote-store-address=localhost:7070]
- [start, parca]
- [start, parca-agent]

Setting up Parca

You can install Parca using the snap package.

sudo snap install parca
sudo snap start parca

This will start the Parca server on port 7070 and configure it to retrieve profiles from itself every 1 second automatically.

Once Parca is running, you can navigate to the web interface on the browser.


Setting up Parca Agent

You can install Parca Agent using the snap package.

sudo snap install --classic parca-agent
sudo snap set parca-agent remote-store-insecure=true
sudo snap set parca-agent remote-store-address=localhost:7070
sudo snap start parca-agent

The systemd service will be collecting profiles from docker.service, parca.service and parca-agent.service that have been running on your system.