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From profiles to understanding

Open Source Infrastructure-wide continuous profiling

# Download the binary specific to your OS and architecture
curl -sL`uname -s`_`uname -m`.tar.gz | tar xvfz -
# Get basic configuration
curl -sL > parca.yaml
# Run Parca and access the Web UI on port 7070

What is Parca?

Parca is a continuous profiling project for applications and infrastructure. It helps you save money, improve performance and understand incidents better.

Continuous profiling is the act of taking profiles (such as CPU, Memory, I/O and more) of programs in a systematic way. Parca collects, stores and makes profiles available to be queried over time. It features a powerful multi-dimensional data model, storage and query engine specifically designed for profiling data. Find out more in the Overview.


Prometheus Native

The configuration and querying experience has been specifically designed to combine naturally with existing Prometheus setups. From configuration paradigms, over target discovery, to querying via arbitrary label-selectors.


Save Money

Save Money

Many organizations have 20-30% of resources wasted with easily optimized code paths. The Parca Agent aims to lower the entry bar by requiring 0 instrumentation for the whole infrastructure. Deploy in your infrastructure and get started!

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Using profiling data collected over time, Parca can with confidence and statistical significance determine hot paths to optimize. Additionally it can show differences between any label dimension, such as deploys, versions, and regions.

Understand Incidents

Understand Incidents

Profiling data provides unique insight and depth into what a process executed over time. Memory leaks, but also momentary spikes in CPU or I/O causing unexpected behavior, is traditionally difficult to troubleshoot are a breeze with continuous profiling.

Open Source

Parca is 100% open source. All components are available under the Apache 2 License on GitHub.

Join the community!

Join users and companies that are using Parca in production.

Parca was originally created by Polar Signals, Inc.