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Parca Flamegraph Plugin for Grafana

Getting started

  1. Install the Parca flamegraph plugin by following the instructions in this article.
  2. Make sure that Parca datasource plugin is installed and configured in Grafana, if not, follow the instructions here.
  3. Configure the Parca flamegraph panel:
    1. Add a new panel to your dashboard.
    2. In the Query section:
      1. Select the Parca datasource.
      2. The Profile Type dropdown, lists the profile types that are available on the connected Parca server. Select the profile type you want to visualize.
      3. In the Query Selector field, enter the query you want to visualize. The query selector is a PromQL like expression that is used to select the profiles that you want to visualize. For example, {job="api-server"} will select all the profiles that have the label job with the value api-server.
    3. In the Visualization section on the right, select the Parca Flamegraph visualization. Now you should be able to see the flamegraph visualization, for the selected query.
    4. Enter a suitable title for the panel in the Panel Title field.
    5. Save the Panel.

Configuring the Datasource

  1. Install the Parca datasource plugin by following the instructions in this article.

  2. In the Grafana UI, navigate to the Configuration -> Data Sources page.

  3. Click on the Add data source button.

  4. Select the Parca datasource.

  5. Enter the API URL of the Parca server in the API Endpoint field. For example, http://localhost:7070/api. Note: Please make sure cors configuration of the Parca server allow requests from your Grafana Dashboard origin. If you Grafana dashboard is running at http://localhost:3000, then ensure that the Parca server is started with either --cors-allowed-origins='http://localhost:3000' or --cors-allowed-origins='\*' flag. Please refer the docs.

    If you have deployed Parca in Kubernetes, you can enter http://parca.parca.svc.cluster.local/api in the API Endpoint field.

  6. Click on the Save & Test button. If the connection is successful, you should see a green Data source is working message.

  7. Now you can use the Parca datasource in your panels.


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