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Public Exposing Parca Write Endpoints

In case there is a need to run Parca Agent in a separate cluster or on some separate system, there might be a need to publicly expose only the write endpoints from Parca without also opening up the UI to the world.


You might not want to expose the Parca Server without handling authentication. Currently the only supported auth mechanism is providing a custom bearer token. This requires us to obtain a custom bearer token first. For testing we can leverage the awesome oidc token test project justtrustme from chainguard to obtain a test token.

please do not use the token from justtrustme in production

On both the agent and the server, a bearer token can be configured to handle authentication.

Server config flags:

      --bearer-token=STRING     Bearer token to authenticate with store.
File to read bearer token from to authenticate
with store.

Agent config flags:

Bearer token to authenticate with store.
File to read bearer token from to
authenticate with store.

After you have the bearer tokens setup you can move on to the next step.

Reverse Proxy

Due to the fact, that currently all ingress points are running on the same port (7070 by default), a reverse proxy needs to be configured with the right paths to ensure the UI is not exposed.

In this example I am using Traefik2 ingress controller.

kind: IngressRoute
name: parca
namespace: ingress
- kind: Rule
match: Host(``) && ( Path(`/parca.profilestore.v1alpha1.ProfileStoreService/WriteRaw`) || Path(`/parca.debuginfo.v1alpha1.DebuginfoService/ShouldInitiateUpload`) || Path(`/parca.debuginfo.v1alpha1.DebuginfoService/InitiateUpload`) || Path(`/parca.debuginfo.v1alpha1.DebuginfoService/Upload`) || Path(`/parca.debuginfo.v1alpha1.DebuginfoService/MarkUploadFinished`) )
- kind: Service
name: parca
namespace: profiling
scheme: h2c # force the backend service to grpc. Did not work with default value...
port: 7070
tls: {}

I would urgently recommend to use a TLS secured endpoint, parca agent can also be configured to allow insecure target hosts.

Parca Agent

At the end, configure the Parca Agent to send data to the Reverse Proxy:

- args:
- /bin/parca-agent
- --http-address=:7071
- --log-level=info
- --node=$(NODE_NAME)
- --remote-store-bearer-token=<YOUR_TOKEN>
#- --remote-store-insecure
#- --remote-store-insecure-skip-verify
- --debuginfo-strip
- --debuginfo-temp-dir=/tmp
- --debuginfo-upload-cache-duration=5m

After you have applied the agent config, profiling data should be transferred quickly.